$175.00 USD / Monthly (recurring charge, for ongoing access)

Please review Waiver of Liability & Terms of Conditions forms. At the top of Step 1/2 Form make sure to type your initials that states you have read and understand the information stated in the Waiver of Liability & Terms of Conditions forms.

  • Unlimited boot camp (includes everything above)

  • Basic customized nutritional plan

    • Initial assessment of food log

    • Determine individual goals

    • Determine how many calories are needed daily to reach individual goals (broken down into how many carbs, fats and proteins).

    • Nutritional software to keep track of food

    • Diet analyzed every 2 weeks

    • 14-day meal plan

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Get Lean Build Muscle Lose Fat! Customized nutritional program just for you breaking down how many calories, carbs, fat and protein you should consume each day 34 day menu with each day laid out so you know exactly what to eat Easy to follow, delicious recipes for your meals Shopping list Alternative choices in case you don’t like something At a glance calendar Tips on how to eat out


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